Featured Error

Inverted Overprint on Back

Choice Crisp Uncirculated $20 Federal Reserve Note Series 1993.  Overprint on the back and inverted. While either inverted overprints on the front or overprints on the back of modern notes can typically be found on the bourse floor of most any mid-size coin and paper money show, the inverted overprint on back error is seldom seen. In fact, I had been collecting errors for over 15 years before I encountered my first example of this exotic error, and only a handful have ever come to light. This note is accompanied by the insert from an RCGS third party grading service holder from which it has been removed, that described this blunder as " "ERROR" Inverted Overprint Reverse " "65 GEM C.U. ". Deserving a fine home in an advanced error collection.   ..... $ 3,250.