Here are some suggested links:

  • The Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  Lots of useful  information on both the history of paper money and current production.

  • The Professional Currency Dealers Association. THE place to locate a paper money dealer in either your geographic area or collecting specialty. Look for dealers who display the PCDA emblem.

  • Bank Note Reporter. Find out more about what is probably the best monthly periodical covering currency. Also features a handy classifieds section for most currency collecting topics.

  • The online home of the outstanding American Numismatic Association, the major U.S. coin club.

  • The Society of Paper Money Collectors. The leading currency club in the U.S..

  • First City Currency. Dealer in just about anything you could be looking for in U.S. small size notes, especially rare blocks and fancy serial numbers.

  • Informative non-commercial website describing Canadian paper money errors and their creation. The section covering detection of faked Canadian currency errors is particularly valuable, especially in light of the high percentage of questionable misprints on the market.

  • US Patterns. Okay, so it has nothing to do with paper, but it is in our humble opinion one of the most interesting and useful numismatic resources, specifically covering pattern and experimental coinage.