By ordering, customers agree to and accept the following :

  1. Items subject to prior sale.
  2. Prices subject to change without notice.
  3. 10 day return privilege on all items excluding sight-unseen purchases and bullion related material.
  4. Please add sufficient postage to all orders.
  5. Grading is ultimately subjective. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made with respect to adjectival or numerical descriptions, which can and do vary among experts. Note's graded by a third-party represent the third-party's opinions as to grade, error and variety identification, and authenticity, and do not necessarily reflect Constellation Numismatic's opinion(s).
  6. Descriptions are opinions based upon our experience and current generally accepted scholarship. It is not unusual that an item can have more than one possible identification and or description, particularly error items. We make no guarantee that experts, now or in the future, might not disagree.
  7. Our liability in every event is limited to the actual price paid for an item without provision for any additional expenses or later replacement value.
  8. Transactions are deemed to take place in Akron, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania USA and under Pennsylvania law. Any disputes will be settled at the venue of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
  9. Pennsylvania residents or orders shipped to PA addresses must add 6% sales tax. Constellation Numismatic reserves the right to cancel or refuse orders from customers it suspects may be attempting to avoid paying PA sales tax.
  10. Not currently accepting credit cards or online payment services. Shipment and or release of merchandise may be held until Constellation Numismatic verifies payment has cleared.
  11. All pictures, text, logos, and descriptions are the property of Constellation Numismatic and are not to be used without express written permission.
  12. Constellation Numismatic reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders from customers that are not, or it suspects are not, in compliance with any of the preceding policies.



    Information collected will be employed by Constellation Numismatic in conducting business, such as for order processing, handling of wantlists, and to generally improve our website, advertising, and catalogues so that we might better serve our current and potential customers. We do not rent or sell customer information or mailing lists to any third parties.